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Digitalisation of Field Service Management



Luke Goh

Automotive Service Management


This case involves a traditional SME, the epitomy of low technology adoption with manual key business processes, aside from the use of office applications to manually generate customer invoices. From maintaining hand-written customer records to vendor details and parts prices that were "all in the head" of the owner, this was the standard practice the company, since its incorporation in 1994.

Critical Business Issues

Over-reliance on key man for all business and operational decisions

Business continuity concerns due to ineffective knowledge and skills transfer

Manual Processes are prone to human error, bottlenecks and negative staff retention


With the adoption of our BPM®™ Field Service Management Application, the company is able to:-

  • Eliminate manual customer records - through a centralised database that is retrievable by all users

  • Automate communication - between customers through in-built messaging and internal staff through the shared platform

  • Streamline its processes - through purpose built service management workflows and modules in the system

  • Create a knowledge base - from detailed job service records stored in the database and retrievable by all users

  • Adopt Mobile Working - through the web-based platform with the use of mobile devices


The net benefits from this technology adoption is multi-fold, helping to increase efficiency, customer service and satisfaction while addressing business continuity through the establishment of a knowledge base

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Digitalisation of Field Service Management

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