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A Case Study in Waste Management



Luke Goh

Waste Management & Recycling


A medium sized SME in the waste management and recycling trade for over 10 years, employing basic office applications to manage its growing fleet of trucks, drivers, assets and expanding customer base.

Critical Business Issues

  • Use of physical chits (D/Os & Receipts) as primary control of key business processes - becomes a challenge as business volume increases

  • Use of Excel as a makeshift customer database - hitting capacity limits of this inappropriate application

  • Manual Processes are prone to human error, bottlenecks and negative staff retention - resulting in poor customer & staff satisfaction


Building a customised web-based, cloud native application based on of our BPM®™ Engine, the company is able to:-

  • Eliminate all manual order processing - through a multi-user, centralised system with full customer history and credit rating that is retrievable by all users

  • Automate communication - between planners and drivers through in-built messaging and internal staff through the shared platform

  • Streamline its processes - through customised purpose built service management workflows and modules in the system, specific to the trade and industry practices

  • Integration of accounts features - to facilitate better credit control

  • Adopt Mobile Working - through the web-based platform with the use of mobile devices


This digital transformation has netted many benefits to the company, primarily, efficiency, visibility, accountability and scalability. Enabling the company to effectively manage its growing business while meeting the complex and dynamic needs of its customers.

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